Are You Writing Articles to Boost Your Business & Explode Your Sales?

For many years search engine marketing has been the most popular advertising strategy on the Internet. But, as you know, strong competition makes it extremely difficult to get high rankings in search engines. So, what is the solution to get placements in the top 20 listings in search engines?

To get the top ten rankings which receive the lion’s share in attracting traffic to websites has almost been impossible for most businesses because of the insane competition. That’s why online business owners and marketers are striving hard to find solutions to this problem.

Finally, they have found one affective strategy to get top rankings in search engines. They are now writing informative articles on any subject they know well. Then, they send their articles to hundreds, even thousands of online and offline publications, including newspapers, magazines, newsletters, e-zines, journals, online portals, websites and weblogs.

Utilizing this marketing strategy helps marketers expose their offers to multi-millions of target audience in related categories worldwide, attracting tens of thousands of potential customers to their websites, helping their target audience receive information, learn many things in their favorite categories, or learn the most powerful advertising
methods to grow their businesses fast.

So, articles provide the authors with opportunities to expose their offers to millions of target audience, having many of them visit their websites. You know, more traffic generates more sales. Their readers get information on the subjects they have interest in, getting answers to the questions they have in their minds, learning many methods to boost their businesses.

In fact, both authors and their audience benefit from articles in many ways. This makes articles valuable tools serving millions of people online and offline.

Because great number of people benefit from articles, search engines evaluate articles as valuable tools, too, giving them high credits when evaluating websites. This way, articles play a great role in getting higher search engine rankings.

But, most probably you are a busy person, don’t have enough time to send your articles to hundreds of distribution points including magazines, newsletters, e-zines, journals, weblogs, websites. Besides, you don’t know how to submit articles to those publications, you have no idea about their rules.

How could you possibly benefit from article marketing when you are unable to send your articles to any publication. To reach herds of people, millions of target audience you have to send your articles to thousands of popular publications, high traffic websites, and you are simply unable to do it!

Don’t worry. There are many nice people out there to distribute your articles to hundreds of best places and popular publications for you to reach millions of target audience in a specific category. Most of these wonderful people would even do it without any cost on your part.

These are the links to the websites of free article publisher and distributors:

1. Ezine
5. Marketing for Success
6. The News
7. New Free Articles

Your original articles sharing useful information with the readers will enhance your credibility and reliability which are essential values to keep your existing customers in your business, while attracting many more potential customers to your website. Keep writing.

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